BURNING MEN                                                                                            

Genre: Road Movie

95 mins, cert.15, UK 2018

Colour, 2:35

Market Availability: All Territories

Starring: Ed Hayter, Aki Omoshaybi, Elinor Crawley 


A youthful rock and roll road trip through eerie England.   

BURNING MEN is an independent movie aimed at a youthful audience. It’s a road movie with a tough edge, a romantic heart and…a supernatural twist. And with its own arch sense of humour. Capitalising on the UK’s reputation for music, style and young rising stars, it’s a high quality cross-genre film that will appeal to both male and female audiences, young and old. It’s Easy Rider meets Jacobs Ladder. 


Young, down-at-heel musicians Ray and Don are evicted from their South London squat. Homeless and broke, they take to the road in a beaten-up Volvo Amazon, planning to sell their prized vinyl record collection and fly to Memphis USA, the heart of the Blues. However, when they fail to get the money needed, they steal a rare Black Metal record, which seems to unleash dark forces that threaten their mission.


BURNING MEN is an original mix of road movie, buddy movie and psychological thriller. It is also a story of relationship dilemmas as Ray finds himself torn between his best friend Don, and fellow traveller Susie. It’s both a fun and often unsettling adventure, full of colourful characters and packed with great music.